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Jean-Michel Cousteau's Mission-Worn Doxa Subs To Be Auctioned For The Ocean Futures Society (Details & Video)

While there are countless brands producing dive replica watches loved by the "desk divers" among us, few can boast connections to actual divers like Doxa. And when it comes to Doxas, the orange dial Sub is the quintessential fake watch to have. Jacques Cousteau was a huge Doxa fan and this summer his son Jean-Michel is auctioning off a few of his mission-worn orange dial Subs to benefit the Ocean Futures Society.

Members of the Cousteau family have been wearing Doxa replica watches for over half a century and Jean-Michel received his first Doxa from his father Jacques over forty years ago. His current research team all wears the Doxa Sub 1200T, which was developed as an homage to the Doxa Sub 300T Conquistador that Jacques Cousteau famously wore back in the 1960s.

Photo credit -- Steve Lundin

Even though the fake watch is an homage in appearance, the Sub 1200T is thoroughly modern when it comes to technology. The bezel has 120-clicks and rotates unidirectionally, the 42mm case is rated to 1200 meters (just shy of 4000 feet), and there is a helium release valve. These particular examples bear the Ocean Futures Society logo on the dial around 7 o'clock and have been worn by Jean-Michel Cousteau himself on various Ocean Futures Society dives.

Five of these Doxa Sub 1200Ts will be auctioned off on Ebay sometime in late July, and each fake watch will come with documentation recording the time and location of the dive on which Cousteau wore the particular watch. We'll be sure to let you know when the bidding begins and you can read about past Cousteau auctions here. All proceeds will benefit the Ocean Futures Society, which you can see Jean-Michel discuss below.

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